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Welcome to BEYOND THE GALAXY. From here, you can take excursions into the next millenium, beyond our galaxy, back through time to science fiction, folklore, mysticism, ancient ways, UFO visitations, ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, tarot, I Ching, astrology, other occult arts and eastern philosophies and parapsychology and hauntings...learn all about angels or even which Witch is witch!

This site is recommended for fun and fascinating explorations only!

Soon, we'll have a really cool Beyond the Galaxy Mall with books, tapes, CDs, posters, videos, candles, incense, Tarot decks and much more. Plus a Beyond the Galaxy discussion board....who might even meet another kindred soul to time-travel with!

The beginning of the adventure Beyond the Galaxy:


Healing Spirit
The Outer Limits
Psi Factor TV Show
Psi Explorer
Aquarian Age
Edgar Cayce
Consciousness Studies
Illusion Works (Dreams)
As Dreams
Dream Tree
Past Lives
Ram Dass
AASAP Parapsychology
Tools For Exploring
Insight Books and More
Big Sur Tapes
Spirtuality Links
Your Fortune
Beyond the Galaxy Mall
Witches Web
Alien Net
Witch Vox
Angel Inspirations
About Angels Angel Access
Do You Believe In Angels?
Deborah's Angel Art
Catholic Saints and Angels
I Ching Com
I Ching (Facade.Com)
Original I Ching
Spirit Search
Religious Symbols and Philosophy
New Dimensions Radio
Tao Abode
Lightsong Metaphysical Guide
Spirit Network
Ghost Watcher
Urban Myths
Urban Legends
Mythica Encyclopedia
Internet Legends
ENN's Millenium 2000
Star Wars
S4 Database
Sci Fi Com
Archive X
Phenomena Web
Ghost Stories
Nat'l UFO Reporting Center
Castle of Spirits
Moon Phase/Oracle Screensavers
ParaSeek Paranormal Search Engine
Guide to Haunted Places
Star Trek
UFO Attack/UFO Screensaver
Aquarian Age
UFO Mind
Para Scope
Quest for Camelot
Avatar Search
UFO Master Search

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